Monday, March 5, 2012

Train Obsession

 I finally have a chance to put up some pics of Andy. Since everything the boy does has something to do with trains, I thought these would be appropriate. Most of his playroom is taken up with a train track.

The other day, I asked Andy, "If Mommy was a train, who would she be? Rosie? Emily?"

"No," he said, "Diesel 10!" Great. That's what every mother wants to hear.

I questioned further, "Which train would Daddy be?"

Andy cheerfully replied, "Big Thomas!" Apparently, Daddy is light years ahead of Mommy on the scale of diserable trains to be.


  1. When does the obsession start? Gotta be prepared for when Wyatt needs a train set. What train is Andy if he had to pick?

    1. Andy started getting into Thomas at about 18 months. My mother-in-law picked up "Knapford Station" from a thrift store, and it started with that. It keeps him busy for HOURS. He also has a kids picnic table outside. One side is flat, but the other has slants for a water/sand table, but the grooves fit the trains perfectly, so it's his train table outside. The best thing I had when Andy was a little younger was Leggo Duplos. My mother-in-law got a big box of them from said thrift store. Best thing ever. For whatever reason, he likes the duplos a lot better than the cheaper version - I think they are easier to stack. He started taking leggos apart a little before 1, but now he can build towers and zoos by himself.