Thursday, November 3, 2011

Heartline Ministries Haiti

I only have one blog (other than my precious friends) that I stalk. She is an Aggie missionary to Haiti. One day, in heaven or on earth, I will meet her and tell her what a blessing she has been in my life. She will reply, "Thanks! Who are you?" But that's ok because Jesus is using her in mighty ways to bring hope to pregnant women and young moms in Haiti. She is also teaching me how to live for Christ in my world and still affect the rest of the world.

The reason for this post is that the ministry she and her husband work for, Heartline Ministries, is VERY close to winning a $50,000 grant. That money could go a long way for them. The only thing is that they need votes, and I have already voted myself away. Would you please vote for them?

Heather's blog about the grant is here.

You can vote in the contest for Heartline Ministries here.

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