Friday, September 30, 2011


Andy could care less about counting. His teacher told me today that he knew what a circle is - that was news to me! But the kid LOVES to read. He knows all of the letters of the alphabet by name and/or sound already (except for Q - he calls it O - but who really needs Q anyway?). My son is far from perfect, but I am totally impressed by his not-quite-two-year-old reading skills.

I think part of the reason for his love of reading and letters is that he is surrounded by books and the alphabet everywhere in our house. He has a stash of books in his room, our room, the living room, and his play room.

Andy has this poster hanging above the changing table (where he spends more time that one might think). He knows all of the animals (again, except the Quahog, and what is a Quahog, anyway?) and all of the letters that go with them. I just thought I was buying a cute poster, but I guess since Andy sees it like 18 times a day, he couldn't help but memorize every detail.

I saw a Today Show segment about bath toys, and it disgusted me. If a bath toy has a hole in it, water gets in and creates mold inside, but you can't see it. Andy does have some bath toys with holes, which I am slowing throwing out because it's just disgusting, but he does have these. Andrew is in charge of bath time, and Andy has learned many of his letters during bathtime. Andrew is also putting letters together, like D-O-G, to start teaching Andy to sound words out. Amazing.

Another great tool for teaching letters to Andy has been a train set that my mother-in-law made for him. They are magnetic and spell each letter of his name on a different part of the train, something like this:

She got them from Michael's, and by the time I had an ephiphany and went to buy the rest of the alphabet, they were on clearance with only the unpopular letters left (sorry, V and U). But I bought what they had, and Andy has had a great time playing with his train and learning the letters, too.

So, most of Andy's alphabet learning experience has been by pure fluke, but it's been pretty fun and a good learning for me, too.