Thursday, March 24, 2011

Good Gifts

"True religion is this: taking care of orphans and widows in their distress. . . " James 1:27

Not that they are distressed, but Andy and I have a couple of friends at a local nursing home whom we visit from time to time. My dad was passionate about visiting elderly people, and he ingrained that into his children. I want to do the same for my son.

Andy met Ms. Joann (Granny to him) when he was about 6 months old. She wanted to hold him so badly that I couldn't say no. She was actually just about up for the task (surprisingly because even at 6 months, Andy was a handful), and a friendship was born.

Today, we found Ms. Joann and a couple of her friends playing dominoes. She introduced us to Ms. Freddy and Ms. Ruby. Andy completely interrupted their game, but they didn't care one bit. In just a few moments, Andy had them all wrapped around his little finger. He was smiling and laughing and dancing, and the entire room of old ladies was fascinated with him. Andy truly has a gift for bringing joy to people.

Those ladies abandoned their game and played matchbox cars with Andy for an hour. You should have seen them making all kinds of car noises and commenting on which was the school bus or the moving truck or whatever. Their eyes were so lit up with joy, and Andy was having a blast. He takes after his dad in being a ham, and he was doing anything he could to be the center of attention. It was hilarious.

Our matchbox car party was interrupted by lunchtime. Do NOT get between those ladies and their lunch! But as we walked through the dining room, every head turned and everyone waved. I think Andy thought he was a celebrity. I was so blessed this morning to watch my son love being with older people (even if what he really loved was all the attention).

As I was thinking about how much I love Andy, it really hit me that God really does love us as His children. I would do anything for Andy, and I love to give him good gifts. But I also love him so much that I do what is best for him, even if he doesn't like it at the time. That's how God loves us. He WANTS to give us good gifts, and He does so constantly. But He loves us enough to also discipline us and to sacrifice whatever it takes (including His Son) for our eternal good. Being a parent really makes the comparison sink into my heart.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring is in the air

After much nagging from our Homeowner's Association, we finally made time to plant some shrubs in our front yard. We weren't able to plant everything during Andy's nap, but we discovered that he was really good "helping" us . . . and by helping, I mean he played in the dirt.

Those are my two manly men!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Eating Like a Big Boy

At 16 months of age, Andy is trying to learn how to eat with a bowl and spoon. It's amazing to watch him try out his coordination. Today, I gave him a bowl with some chickpeas and a spoon and helped him spoon the chickpeas into his mouth. Half the time, they all spilled out, but he's getting the general idea. He was having so much fun with the bowl and spoon that he didn't want to eat anything else for lunch but chickpeas! I even tried to get him to eat his usually beloved oranges from the bowl, but he only wanted chickpeas, and only wanted them from his bowl. I guess he's just a little OCD like his mom. :)

Eating with utensils and from bowls/plates is going to be a long learning experience for both of us. Oh Lord, give me patience!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Days Like These

Yesterday way my mother-in-law's birthday. She invited Andy and me to go to Galveston with her and Pop to enjoy the day with them. Andrew made a last minute decision to take a half-day off of work to join us. Every so often, you get a day to enjoy perfect weather, great food, and the people you love.

We parked at the beach, and Andy ran up and down. He would run up to the water and then run away as the waves came creeping up to him. He laughed as Mommy and Daddy took turns doing cartwheels in the sand. We brought some plastic scoops and bowls, and we all played in the sand. And by play in the sand, I mean the grown-ups started building sand castles, and Andy destroyed them. All good fun!

Then, we headed to Shrimp and Stuff for the best seafood on the island, and quite possibly in the entire Houston area. We sat out on the patio and enjoyed gumbo and friend shrimp. It just doesn't get any better than that!

I must say that I am incredibly proud of my husband because as soon as we got back home that afternnon, he jumped in his truck to head to class for three hours. It's so hard to go to school after a mini-vacation, but he did! Continuing on this bunny trail, he also made an 86 on his last test in Hebrew. That is amazing, considering everything that he has going on and the fact that Hebrew is a totally bizarre language that I don't know how anyone learns even how to pronounce the words, much less translate them!