Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I kept wanting to call this Andy's first Christmas, but it's actually his second. I don't remember too much about his first Christmas because I had just come home from 3 days in the hospital. This Christmas was a lot more fun. It was even better because Andy got up for awhile, had some breakfast, played with a couple of toys, and then went back to bed for 4 hours so that the adults could open their gifts in peace! I guess that was his Christmas present to us. :)

 Andy got a new tool stand so that he can help Daddy fix things around the house.
 His favorite gift was a set of plastic bowls that Andrew's mom gave him. It figures that he would play with those all day (and every day since - I keep them in the kitchen so that he can bang while I'm cleaning up).
 Andy never, ever sits still, but he climbed up on his Grammy and just hugged her for a long time. It was really sweet!
 Andy with my parents on Christmas Eve.
 Playing leggos with Pop is a popular pastime, any day of the year.
Andy had a lot of fun in his wagon from Grandma and Grandpa. We even took him to the park last night so he could roll around in it.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Suit up!

I just had to post these pictures of Andy in the suit that Aunt Finity sent him for Christmas! The touseled hair look is for the ladies (and not just the fact that we are waiting for Lacey to come back to cut his hair again).

Thursday, December 16, 2010

What Andy's up to

I don't want to forget everything that Andy is learning. He never stayes the same, but sometimes, I just don't catch how much he's changing every week.

Andy's new favorite word is "no." He tells me no when he doesn't want something, but he also walks up to the things that he knows he shouldn't play with (like the dishwasher) and says "No!" He knows what it means. He says the word with such passion that it's so cute.

Andy's new word today was bubble - "bu-bub." I blow bubbles for him in the bathtub, and he loves it!

Andy RUNS everywhere. Andrew's parents took him to the park yesterday, and he chased the leaves around in the wind. He went down the slide by himself! Of course, Grammy was there to catch him at the bottom. :)

When Andy woke up from him nap this afternoon, I was reading some books to him. He became restless, and I asked him if he was hungry, if he wanted to eat. He got down from my lap and ran to the pantry. I found him pointing up to the animal crackers. He's not talking much, but he sure knows how to communicate!

Andy is a true Aggie already. He won't eat anything the color orange - no cheese, peaches, carrots. Only recently has he decided that oranges are ok, but only sparingly. Andy normally eats any fruit that comes near him, as long as it isn't orange!

Andy already has his daddy's laid back personality and likes to be funny when at all possible. If anyone around him is laughing, he joins right in. The kid smiles a lot and is usually in a very good mood. I have seen him get angry pretty quickly, though (and get right over it).

He has not been so interested in the Christmas tree, which has surprised me. However, just in the past couple of days, he has discovered our wooden nativity scene. He has started yanking wise men or baby Jesus Himself and toting them around the house. An unfortunate shepherd was getting chewed on this evening!

His new favorite toys are these little trucks that the neighbor girl gave him for his birthday. He's trying to figure out how to roll them around like Mommy and Daddy can do. We play in the hallway, with Mommy at one end, Daddy at the other, and Andy in the middle to chase down the trucks as we push them back and forth. He loves it.

It is tougher than I ever imagined being a parent, but it is also so much fun. I loving having a third member of our family. I of course love our son to bits, but I'm so glad I like him as well!