Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Big Apple

Anna, Andy and I took a trip to NYC to visit our uncles Mike and Luis. We had a great time. Central Park was gorgeous. The pictures look like we were photoshopped into some fake background! We took Andy to the children's museum, which he loved. We took him on the carousel, but the whole time he had a look on his face like, "Mom, why are we going in circles around these creepy clowns with this carnival music?" I have to admit that I agreed with him on that one.
The weather could not have been more perfect. We really enjoyed the fall colors at Central Park!

Don't even get me started on the food! Cupcakes from Crumb, croissants from Financier, tarts from Farrara's (my personal favorite), and Cuban food from this ridiculously cheap dive in Chelsea. I was proud of Anna for accomplishing my goal for her - to try at least one new thing per day. She tried prosciutto, green curry, and a diplomat pastry, among other things. Andy tried new things, too. Apparently, he's a fan of croissants and Cuban roasted pork (who isn't?).

Friday, November 12, 2010

Movin' on up

Andy has been promoted to the toddlers class in the church nursery. All the other kids are just a tad older than him, but I guess he was trampling the crawlers in his age group, so they decided it would be best for him to be the little man on campus for awhile.

So, tonight our church sponsored a very nice date night. When we dropped Andy off at his new room, the sweet nursery worker asked about what he could have, etc. I told her that he could have cheerios, but he's choked on goldfish, so I didn't really want him to have any of those. We had already given him dinner, but we figured that he would eat his fill of cheerios at church for dessert.

We came to pick him up tonight, and I asked the girl how he did.

"Oh, he was great!" came the cheerful reply. I'm not sure if Andy is always great, or if that's just what they always say.

I followed up with, "So, did he eat like 3 pounds of cheerios tonight?"

She looked away a little nervously. "No, he didn't eat too many cheerios . . . " Uh oh. "But he did want some of our pizza, so we gave it to him. Don't worry. I cut it into little bitty bites."

Oh, ok. That's not too bad. My reply: "So how much pizza did he have?"

"Two pieces and a cookie!"

No joke. My one year old (who already ate first dinner) conned the nursery ladies out of TWO pieces of pizza and a cookie. There are no words . . .

On the way home, Andrew told me to get ready because it's just going to get worse by the time he's in junior high.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to Andy

I cannot believe Andy is turning 1 tomorrow. I really can't remember much of my life without him. He brings such joy to our little (and extended) family. Andy is super active, inquisitive, and he usually has a great attitude about whatever we are doing, especially if it involves going "ou-side!" He put 2 and 2 together today that the animal cookies are located in the pantry, and he can go there himself to snag the bag off the shelf. Uh-oh. Andy loves wrestling with Daddy and gets really excited about banging anything. The tupperware drawer in the kitchen is his, and he pulls the drawer out before gleefully tossing all the tuperware up in the air and across the room. This kid is ALL boy. The ladies in the church nursery say he's a flirt with his big blue eyes (who can resist?).

We celebrated his birthday last weekend, and I could not have asked for more. We grilled fajitas at the park down the street. The weather was perfect. Andrew's mom made him a terrific (and fitting) Monster cake. We also had adult-people cake from my dad's cousin at Bessie's Bakery. It was fun to hang out with so many who love him (and us) so much.
Andy CHOWED DOWN on his cake like no kid I've ever seen!

Just a little spoiled with TWO birthday cakes! This was the before picture. There wasn't an after picture because there was nothing left (except a tiny piece of chocolate that I savored this week).
I'm trying to be excited about his birthday, but I'm really getting all choked up. How could this year go by that fast?