Tuesday, June 29, 2010

You can catch more flies with 409 than buttermilk

We don't have a screen door on our backdoor, and between the cat, the dog, and the husband, the backdoor is open a lot. Thus, we've had some flies taking up residence in our house. I can't remember to buy a fly swatter at the store, and the flies were driving me nuts. Mom was over the other day, and saw a fly. She grabbed the 409, took aim, and fired. It worked! The fly was immobilized, and the rest was a piece of cake.

I used 409 Glass and Surface for a long time, but since Andy has come along, I really started worrying about what chemicals they have to put in that stuff to make it work THAT well. Plus, I wasn't able to find it except to get it through Andrew's aunt, who lives in Louisiana. Makes you wonder about a product if they'll only sell in in Louisiana. Anyway, I started using a brand called Seventh Generation. It's all natural ingredients, smells like thyme, and at least makes me feel better about cleaning Andy's high chair.

The Seventh Generation also works to kill the flies, in case you're wondering.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Vacation to Rocky Mountain National Park

We took Andy on our family vacation to Estes Park, CO this month. Poor little Andy was sick pretty much the whole time. The only time he was really happy was in the hiking backpack. Thus, all the pictures of him are in the backpack! We call it the houda because, according to my smart husband, that is the little box on top of the elephant in which people ride.
The weather was perfect, and the views were stunning!

Forts with Uncle Benjamin

Uncle Benjamin and Andy making forts. Benjamin can't wait to teach Andy all about boy-stuff.

Not long after Auntie Anna's visit, Uncle Benjamin came to hang out for the afternoon. Andy adores my brother. All Benjamin has to do is walk in the room, and Andy lights up. They had a blast playing with the forts Benjamin built for Andy, and Andy enjoyed tearing them down.

Bubbles with Auntie Anna

Auntie Anna spent the night a few weeks ago. We tried having fun with bubbles, but I think Andy is still a little too young to "get" it with them.