Thursday, April 8, 2010

Boys Will Be Boys

Andy and Turner played for the first time today.
I promise Andy isn't trying to beat up the little kid!

Andy's saying, "Mom, we're being SO good!"

Turner is such a little joy

Andy's First Easter

The art teacher at Andrew's mom's school made some Easter overalls for Andy

It was really fun shopping for Andy's Easter basket.
He liked the bunnies.
Mom and Dad enjoyed the chocolate and jelly beans.

Bedo family Easter photo

We flew to Knoxville for Andy's first Easter to visit with Andrew's grandparents. Andy was a great traveler. Thanks to Amanda E for the advice about the apple juice to keep his little ears from popping. It worked like a charm. On the way home, we made a travel container of applesauce last the entire way back, since Andy decided to sleep at the airport and wake UP on the plane! My very wise husband decided to purchase a ticket for Andy, and the flight was full on the way back. I was very grateful for a place for Andy to sit for himself.