Monday, March 29, 2010

Afternoon in the Sun

Andy and I enjoyed some time outside this afternoon. It was really nice. I was able to play around with my camera settings and get some pretty good shots of my growing boy.

Free Cone Day

Andy wasn't too happy about not getting his own cone!

Last Tuesday was Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's. Benjamin, Mom, Anna, Andy and I went to Town Center to partake of our free ice cream. Andy really wanted one of his own!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

4 Months

Getting dressed up for church

Another of Mom's photo sessions

This is a little late, but Andy is 4 months old now. He just started rolling over from back to front yesterday. He loves, loves, loves zucchini. He's not so sure about applesauce. He likes to sit in his high chair because he knows something yummy is coming soon. I can't eat anything in front of him because he stares at my like, "Hey, aren't you going to share?" He likes to try to drink water out of my glass, but he spills it all down the front of his shirt. I let him try, anyway!
He is the most joyful baby I have ever met. He smiles easily - all anyone has to do is talk sweet to him or make funny noises. He laughs when I kiss his neck. His laugh is one of the best sounds. Andy is laid back and loves to hang out in his bouncy chair in the kitchen while I cook dinner and he chews on his lion toy. I enjoy every day with him.

Andy's First Road Trip

Andy with Grandpa at Hoot n Holler

In February, we took our first road trip with Andy. Auggie (our dog) came, too, so the drive up to Hoot n Holler was a circus! Hoot and Holler is my sister-in-law's family ranch in East Texas. It's beautiful and peaceful, but the drive up Friday night was far from peaceful . . .

Andrew came home a little early from work. I had already been getting ready to go all day, but we still had more to do. We finally got everything into the car - who knew how much STUFF such a little kid requires! The car was sagging with the weight. We stopped at Academy for Andrew to pick up a hunting license. I opened the passenger door, and Auggie jumped out into the parking lot. Thank GOODNESS I caught her (just barely) and got her back into the car. While Andrew was in Academy, I drove to the nearest fast food restaurant to grab us something to eat on the way. Auggie could smell the beef through the drive-thru, and she was new best friends with the girl at the window. Somehow, I thought it was a good idea to get a Frosty. Between the Frosty, a Diet Coke, and Andy's bottle, there weren't enough cup holders, so I had to wedge the Frosty between the seat and the door while trying to keep chicken sandwhiches out of Auggie's reach. By the time I picked Andrew up, Andy was h-u-n-g-r-y, and he would cry at every stop light down 99.

By the time we got to Katy, Andy had enough, so we stopped at a Starbucks and played musical seats while Andrew ran in to warm up Andy's bottle, then I ran in to get us some coffee, then Andrew ran in to put creamer in his coffee. A nice lady tried to open the car door for me, and I yelled "No!" because Auggie would have jumped out again. It ended up Andrew driving with Auggie in the front while I sat in the back with Andy to give him his bottle. It was quite entertaining, to say the least.

Thank goodness we had some nice R&R at Hoot n Holler and the trip home was much less eventful!