Sunday, May 13, 2012


I'm terribly behind in blogging, but I might as well post some pictures from Easter while I'm saying Happy Mother's Day!
 Andy is finally learning to smile on command. I'm not sure if this is a blessing or a curse because it's a goofy smile, but the peek-a-boo and silly games don't work anymore. So, I'll take what I can get! Usually, what I can get must involve some sort of bribe such as a fruit leather, or he has learned to up the ante to Thomas the Train fruit snacks.
 Andy has also upgraded to a big boy bed this week, which has been an adventure. He's learning tactics to delay bedtime. A conversation from a couple of nights ago:
Andy: Mommy, I need to smell your hair. (To his credit, my new conditioner does smell really, really good, especially right after I get out of the shower, which happend to be the situation at the moment)
Me: (Leaning down to let him smell my hair) Ok, Andy, it's time to go to sleep.
Andy: Mommy, I need to smell your other hair. (He meant the other side of my hair falling down.)
Me: (My heart melting) Ok, Andy, I love you. Night, night.
Andy: Mommy, I need a hug.
Me: (Hugging him.) Now, it's really time to go to sleep.
Andy: Mommy, I need a kiss.
Me: (Giving him a kiss). Night, night. I love you.
Andy: Mommy, I need to wiggle!
Me: Ok, You are done!
 The other day, I was desperately trying to get out the door to a church event on time, and Andy was just being a pill. After having a enough of his lack of cooperation, I put him in time out. I let him out with a little talk, and led him through telling me he was sorry for disobeying. He started to turn the corner to leave the room, and then he came back in. He said, "Mommy, I won't tell you no anymore!"
As I gave him a hug, I said, "Andy, that's great. Thank you so much for being such a good boy."
We walked back around the corner, and THREE SECONDS LATER, I said, "Ok, Andy, let's get ready to get in the car." What did he reply?
"No! I don't want to go!"
So much for that sweet, sincere apology!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Daddy's Little Helper

 Andy and Andrew have recently accomplished quite a bit of male bonding lately. I have been working almost every Saturday, so this gives Andrew an opportunity to take care of a lot of projects around the house. Andy has become quite the little helper. I'm not sure how I feel about him walking in his dad's footsteps in his deeply rooted love of Lowe's, but I do love that they enjoy doing manly things together.

Andy was all geared up this afternoon in safely googles and ear protection so that they could mow the lawn together. I love it!

(Disclaimer: Andy's attire of Hawaiian shorts with a Gap camo t-shirt was all Daddy's doing, but I have learned that if I want Andrew to dress Andy, I'd better not complain about the results!)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Train Obsession

 I finally have a chance to put up some pics of Andy. Since everything the boy does has something to do with trains, I thought these would be appropriate. Most of his playroom is taken up with a train track.

The other day, I asked Andy, "If Mommy was a train, who would she be? Rosie? Emily?"

"No," he said, "Diesel 10!" Great. That's what every mother wants to hear.

I questioned further, "Which train would Daddy be?"

Andy cheerfully replied, "Big Thomas!" Apparently, Daddy is light years ahead of Mommy on the scale of diserable trains to be.

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Couple More Memories

Last week, I was actually sort-of crafty. I took Andy to Hobby Lobby, and he picked out stickers for the valentines we made for his friends at pre-school. I bought foam hearts and construction paper. We sat at the kitchen table, and for an hour, he was pretty content putting stickers on the hearts as I glued a smaller construction paper heart onto a larger foam heart. The stickers were of course trains, diggers, police cars, jeeps, and the like, but at least the hearts were somewhere Valentines Day-ish. I tried to get him to color the paper hearts without much luck, so I just wrote "love Andy" on each.

He didn't approve of my writing. Instead, he wanted to write the entire alphabet IN ORDER on each heart. When I write words, this causes the letters to be out of order, and his little world turns upside down in the absence of complete order, according to his own definition. He certainly gets this personality trait from his mother, and we are both working on learning to be flexible! I finally got him to be ok with the "love Andy" part, but by then, craft time had extended past an hour and he was done. We somehow finished up the 10 needed Valentines for his classmates, plus a special one for Daddy. We finished them out with a packet of fruit snacks taped to the back of each heart.

Today, Andy and I made biscotti for Andrew's Valentine's Day present (shhh, don't tell him until tomorrow!). And by Andy and I, I mean that I was able to make the biscotti because Andy was playing very nicely by himself with his trains. Praise God for toy trains! It's terrific  cranberry-chocolate biscotti, and only 3 points a piece, so it's a perfect gift for Andrew.

We fought the rain into Houston to meet Andrew for lunch today, and Andrew was trying to talk Andy into giving away what his Valentine's Day gift was.

Daddy: So, Andy, did you make Daddy's Valentine's Day gift today?

Andy: Yes, Daddy!

Daddy: What did you make for Daddy?

Andy: Fruit snacks!

Daddy: You made fruit snacks for Daddy for Valentine's?

Andy: Fruit snacks for FRIENDS!

Daddy: Oh, you made fruit snacks for friends for Valentine's. What did you make for Daddy?

Andy: Fruit leathers!

Andrew (to me): Apparently, he's not going to give away your secret!

After lunch, we were making our way back home through the pouring rain, and I prayed out loud that Jesus would protect us, put His angels around our car, and let us get home safely. After I said Amen, Andy piped up, "And thank You for the rain!" Yes, Jesus, thank You for the rain. And thank you for a precious little one to remind me that while I do need to ask for Your help and protection, I must never forget to thank You in the midst of every circumstance and prayer.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Little Moments

I'm not a big fan of griping at everyone to make the most of every moment, especially when their kids are little. It's just about impossible this side of heaven to enjoy EVERY moment, especially when your kid is throwing a fit at the playground because he doesn't want to go home and take a nap (not that my kid has ever done that . . . except for maybe this morning). But I read somewhere that you should take those good moments and try to cherish them. I like that a lot more. It's what Mary did with Jesus. She cherished "all those things" in her heart.

So, I don't want to forget walking Andy into church last week. He reached up to me and said, "hold Mommy's hand." We walked into church together, and it was such a tender moment. This was certainly an anomaly because he's usually tearing across the church lawn like an Olympic runner. Seriously, that kid can run. Anyway, the whole way into church, I just tried to cherish the moment, and I don't want to forget it.

Then, this morning while we were at the park, we were just having fun together (pre-fit-throwing). I love that we can have conversations. We picked slides to go down and drew the entire alphabet in the sand. Then, (post-fit-throwing), Andy said, "race Mommy!" on the way home. So, we would race and then Andy would laugh.

Every stage has its battles and its fun. I forget things so easily that I don't want to forget the precious times during this age. Andy was watching the kids at the school run around, and he tried to join them a couple of times. I kept telling him that he has to wait until he's older to go to school with the big kids. I know that day is coming all too fast. So, until then, I will try not to remember the tough times and write down those precious moments so that I don't forget.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lost Cheerios

That Steven Curtis Chapman song, "Everything You Do," has been on my mind a lot lately. Whether you are picking up Cheerios off the floor (or letting the dog eat them) or the CEO of a company or a missionary, you are in the right place if you are doing everything for God's glory. I love it.

I was having a hard time with Andy this afternoon. He was being very 2. On the way out of church from Bible Study, he threw himself on the ground several times, and we had a few talks about obedience. We finally made it home.

At home, he refused to come inside. Finally inside, he splashed water EVERYWHERE when we washed his hands - all over me, himself, the bathroom. I didn't know so little water could go so far. Then, he refused to eat his snack. I decided to just put him down for a nap after a struggle with changing his diaper. Looking down the barrel of going straight to bed made Andy realize that maybe he was hungry after all, so we headed back to the kitchen for some cheerios and juice.

Needing just a minute to calm down, I was checking my email. When I turned around again, Andy had stuck a cheerio to his forehead and was "winking" at me (with both eyes at the same time). He was so cute that all the frustration just melted away. Of course, I stuck a cheerio to my forehead, too, and we had a good laugh together.

It's funny how being a parent can be so frustrating, but then you turn around, and it can be so worth it.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Heartline Ministries Haiti

I only have one blog (other than my precious friends) that I stalk. She is an Aggie missionary to Haiti. One day, in heaven or on earth, I will meet her and tell her what a blessing she has been in my life. She will reply, "Thanks! Who are you?" But that's ok because Jesus is using her in mighty ways to bring hope to pregnant women and young moms in Haiti. She is also teaching me how to live for Christ in my world and still affect the rest of the world.

The reason for this post is that the ministry she and her husband work for, Heartline Ministries, is VERY close to winning a $50,000 grant. That money could go a long way for them. The only thing is that they need votes, and I have already voted myself away. Would you please vote for them?

Heather's blog about the grant is here.

You can vote in the contest for Heartline Ministries here.